Latest News » World Health Day 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) observes World Health Day on 7 April every year. The contribution of doctors, nurses and other health workers is acknowledged on this day. Now at a time when the whole world is facing a health crisis as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals are the frontline soldiers in this war and the World Health Day 2020 carries more importance than ever. World health day every year also promotes healthy living. A healthy lifestyle and diet are two most efficient ways to control the risk of several diseases. A few simple changes can help boost your overall health. This World Health Day, let's take a pledge to make all necessary changes in your lifestyle for a healthy life. Here are some healthy practices you can adopt this World Health Day 2020

*      Eat a balance diet

*      Maintain a healthy weight

*      Remember Smoking Kills

*      Give equal attention to your mental health


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