At a Glance

We are responsible for the maintenance and many of the repairs to your property; however you also have a responsibility to maintain your property in a reasonable condition and attempt to repair minor faults yourself.

FOLD Ireland provides 24 hour repair cover, and depending on the urgency of the repairs will be made between 24 hours and three months, though most repairs are dealt with within 20 days.

Repair Types

We carry out general, cyclical and major repairs and maintenance to FOLD Ireland properties, ensuring they remain in good condition. 


FOLD Ireland will keep your accommodation, both internal and external, in good repair. However, should your accommodation need repaired due to wilful damage or neglect, you will be liable for the repairs; though we do understand that your property will have normal wear and tear. For more information on your responsibilities please see your tenant handbook.

Reporting a Repair

Reporting a repair can be done in one of three ways:

  1. Through your Housing Officer on 01 822 8804.
  2. By contacting FOLD Ireland Offices directly during office hours on 01 822 8804.
  3. In an emergency or outside office hours, you can contact Fold Ireland's 24 hour response centre on 048 9042 1010.

Download our Tenants Handbook here